About Department of the water production and transportation

Limited Liability Company "Department of the water production and transportation" implements a transfer process of fluid (seawater) for injection to maintain reservoir pressure and in the Zhanaozen and Zhetybai oil fields and the extraction of drinking water from the Tuyesu and Sauskan water fields for settlements of Mangistau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2009 the company joined the group of companies of the National Fund "Samruk-Kazyna"

The complex of technological structures of LLP "UDTV" transportation seawater presents itself water mains, pumping stations, reservoirs, domestic and administrative offices. Transport links are implemented through highways.

Sea water is pumped from the discharge channel for the water main and served on UPNiPO PF "OMG" and NGDU "Zhetybayneft" of "Mangistaumunaigas".

Subterranean freshwater performed field Sauskan, Tuyesu to provide drinking water Zhanaozen, p.p.Senek, Kulandy, Kyzyl-Say Ushtagan, Bostan and for industrial purposes Industrial Zone. 

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